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Ooo. Complicated.

The short version is a long, long time ago (over 15 years) I realized that my wife wasn't enough for me. She said I could do whatever I wanted online and it wouldn't bother her. I got infatuated once, but it didn't last long. I've met lots of wonderful people. Some I've known that entire time. I've stayed away from anything that would be considered more than friends with benefits.

That's until I met T online two years ago. I knew very quickly that I was going to fall for her. Within 6 months, we both knew. We spent the next 6 trying to figure out what to do about it. For the last year it's been a long distance poly relationship. I have no idea how many thousand hours I have spent chatting/texting/phone/camming with her. I went to visit her (albeit briefly) in June. We'll do it again soon if real life doesn't interfere, but it's pretty nasty for her right now.
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