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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post

Recently Elric and I decided that we both wanted to restart our old "chats" and be friends with "cyber-benefits" and I am ok with that. It has not made me pine after him more than I have been plus I get to express the "physical" desires I have for him in a safe and comfortable way to him. We both know and accept that we have a serious physical attraction for each other and this is how we have decided to try to alleviate those tensions.

Tough questions V...feel free not to read at all.

This is just my opinion Vandalin so take it with the knowledge that I am genuinely concerned for you.

What you describe above is probably not a way to create that healthy relationship you are looking for. What this will probably do is build up a fevered pitch in excitement that inevitably one or both of you will get caught up in and then you are back to square one. I'm getting a clear picture of the mixed signals you are being sent by him and am merely stating my observation that there is something missing here. You are fulfilling his needs. That seems to be the end of the cyber benefits. Have you asked yourself if he will still be so interested when and if he does become involved heavily with another woman for himself? Do you think she will be ok with his cyber visits?

I can't help but think you are setting yourself up V. I want you healthy for real. Personally I think you are doing whatever it takes to hold on to a part of him that really isn't yours.

Take care V....sorry if I hurt you with this.
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