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I've tried looking to see what happened to the original triad to absolutely no avail. Both of the girls have web sites but I couldn't find any info on them about the show and there isn't any other info (at least that I could find) on the net that said why they had left. I couldn't even find out if they are still together or not. We actually watched the show because of them (they defined 'a hot mess' to us).

As for the 'Pod' (hate that name), they are the group that I thought for sure would blow up. If you ask me, there are two poly people and two swingers in that group. Kamala (a self described poly activist) has relationships outside of the pod that she doesn't want to share with the others...'many loves' is only allowed when she doesn't have to share with her other loves? Also Tahl lies to his wife and the other members of the pod so he can get what he wants...where's the love there? And the three of them pressure Jen into doing what they want instead of helping her with her insecurities and/or boundaries. That doesn't seem very loving at all.

While not 'poly' related, on Saturday Sept 7, Discovery Health and Fitness is starting a new show: Secret Sex Lives: Swingers. Don't really know anything about it (other than being on cable there will be no nudity) so it will be interesting to see what it will be about and how they portray that lifestyle.
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