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Default How is it disrespected

if that is the way she desires and explicitly consents to, being a fully knowledgeable adult?

If that is the type of sex you like to engage in, it sounds like a good match.

It can definitely be disrespectful and even abusive when not it is not desired, it could also just be an unhealthy dynamic as there are people who routinely get into arguments with their partner that become physical and end with angry sex. That would constitute battering a woman. There are women who refuse to leave abusive relationships for many reasons, and violent sexual interactions resulting from a cycle of physical altercations that lead to sex without prior agreements, is what I would consider an abusive relationship.

However there are woman that occasional desire/need violent, degrading or otherwise humiliating sexual interactions. Allowing adults to live their life freely, with liberty to pursue happiness. What is desired and explicitly consented to is an adults choice and one that must be respected

Some people are not turned on by angry violent sex, I know I am not, so I wouldn't be able to have a relationship with such a woman as the only type of Dominant metamour I can tolerate is not what most people think of when they think of D/s dynamic. I have had girlfriends who dabbled in such relationships, but their Doms were in no way disrespectful or degrading. Some Doms treat women better than most people would treat themselves and the submission that is given is not centered around "rough" physical power, but obedience.

There is nothing disrespectful about it, however

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