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Originally Posted by london View Post
I find it difficult to understand how the OP didn't acknowledge beforehand that a large amount of her concern might be focused around the fact her partner cheated on her. Add to that the fact that it's only been four months (which the OP did acknowledge), her saying no shouldn't have been a surprise, surely?
That's absolutely a fair question. The answer I think is because he's been very honest with me about any feelings or reservations she might have, and the whys. I figured if that if that was one of the larger reasons, I assumed he would have told me that. He knows that I am always open to hearing those things; it helps me understand. But he never did. I assume now after hearing all this feedbackthat she maybe just never said it to him, which could be why I never heard.

I am also at fault for overlooking it because I'm so high on NRE right now that yes, it is real easy for me to get wrapped up in it and remind myself, oh yeah... It's only been a short while.
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