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Well everyone is sick here. E got the worst of it. I feel so bad. I only have a sore throat, J has one of his wisdom teeth coming in and a sore throat and he had a fever the first day, and E has all the symptoms of a cold mixed with the flu.

E is wanting to quit her two jobs, they are an hour away from us and she is going to be looking for a job out here. She is stressed because she doesn't want to be a "financial burden" to us but at the same time wants to take a month off so she can focus on getting into the habit of school, plus with everything that is changing in her life, things are just too stressful. J and I both understand and are supportive. Her mom still isn't saying anything nice to her and now her best friend is mad at her because she feels that she is dropping her life for this relationship - its mainly because I took her to a movie that E has been wanting to see for 7 months and the friend was originally going to go with her. It was released into theaters on the anniversary of her Uncles death, which is usually a big deal for their family, but her mom cancelled plans with her since she is mad at her. The least we could do was bring her flowers and take her to her movie. But her friend isn't seeing this any other way. But its difficult because she seems to be losing two very important people in her life, not solely because of our relationship, its also bad timing. E sees it as she is getting older and the relationship is the next step in life. So I'm relieved that she shows no desire to drop us and go back to the way things were in her life.

We don't talk to J's mother, stepdad, or brother cuz they were horrible and rude to us about it 2 years ago when we first brought them into it and J said they don't deserve to be part of his life, especially since they have never supported anything he has done.

Anyone have suggestions for easing family member drama?
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