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I am no longer employed but when I did work, I wouldn't have been able to come out. The industry I worked in, just not too accepting.

In relation to okc, it wasn't a co-worker I came across but another parent from my 15 year old's soccer team. He didn't want a date but to have sex. I let him know that dh and I were polyamorous, that I was not interested in him and would appreciate it stayed there at okc. We are not out yet, we just only began this journey. My teen does not need adults blabbing to their kids (even if his daughter is a lesbian) cuz that is only going to affect my daughter, not us. He took the turn down just fine and has not said anything.

But as other's before have posted, it depends if you are male or female and what you are looking for on okc. If you don't believe it's going to affect your employment, I wouldn't over think it.
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