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This has been a week from hell.

Monday hubby gets stopped for a minor traffic offense. Ends up staying 24 hours in county jail for something that was taken care of 9 years ago. ( A bounced check for emergency tire repair during our move in 2004. We never received notice due to a snafu with mail forwarding. As soon as we found out we paid within 10 minutes.) The tire company forgot to rescind the charges. He missed a day of work. Almost lost his state job. He almost got extradited 4 hours away. All he got was oops a clerical error.

Tuesday had to rescue hubby from jail an hour away. Then Murf's truck started dying. He needed hubbys mad skills in vehicle purchase. But hubby managed to get Murf a 40k GMC pickup for half off and payments for less than what Murf was offered on less equipped trucks.

Yesterday realized i needed to turn in important paperwork the day before not today. Yikes luckily when i explained my week they understood. But my 10 yo soon broke his foot at football practice. So my night was spent in the er. He has to sit out the first 6 weeks at least and see a specialist. His first game is Sunday he is very upset. First day of school is Monday. Also see a specialist that day.

Can't wait for this week to be over.
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