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Yep, munches/brunches in my neck of the woods are ALL about meeting people, bringing in the newbies in as non-threatening way as possible. Letting them introduce themselves, get introductions, have some conversation with like minded individuals, etc.

Generally munches are held in family type environments like Denny's or a bar and grille so fet wear and overt M/s or D/s behavior is discouraged so the group looks just like any other group who gets together every month or so to exchange ideas and network.

They are a great way to meet people local to you, have some great conversations about just about anything under the sun and just get an evening out and away from any kids who are under the age of majority in your area.

The strictest rule our group has for munches is that there are to be NO under 19's since some of the conversations can get a little bit too much for the younger ones. The only exception I've seen was a lady bringing her newborn so she would be able to socialize and breast feed at the same time.

When I first started going to the brunches (a different name for the same thing just held around noon on a Sunday) it was for some badly needed time away from the then hubby and two young kids. Adult time was a cherished thing, lol.

I strongly urge anyone to search them out in your area and attend some. Some of them will even have presenters, a topic or theme to discuss, etc.
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