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Originally Posted by DaJaye74 View Post
I have done all I could. She is happier with her new boy toy than with her family. I have our son.she gets to keep on living like she has no responibility. I will raise our son, give him the stability he needs while she lives out her dreams. I am a good father and will continue to be. She has lost/given up on a man who not only adores her but has made major sacrifices for her. Let's see if the new boy toy is willing to do the same.
Well, take some time for yourself and heal. Continue taking care of your son. It is good that one of you is not shirking responsibility because that is not what your son deserves. Either way it goes, I wish you all well and I hope your son adjusts to the changes. I hope that the two of you are civil for his sake.

Are you planning on seeking custody? Have you and her or just one of you talked to your son and told him what is going on? If not, he needs to be brought in the loop. His feelings do matter, and divorce can be hard. Ideally, if it is a peaceful transition, the effects may not be so bad. However, if he sees the two of you arguing and at each other's throats, it could scar him. Try not to say anything negative about her or her boyfriend in front of him. Children are very impressionable, and the last thing you want is to alienate him from his mother or give him a reason to resent her. Try to limit your contact with her because your feelings are raw. Maybe one day you and your soon-to-be ex wife can be friends and you will find someone who will love you the way you loved her. Hugs.
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