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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
My highest natch is 99%. Omg he's good looking, the right age, we have tons in common, all of our answers are the same except the ones where he said he prefer being the sub, I prefer being the domme etc. I am everything he put on his "message me" section. He and his wife are very poly as well.

I message him, no response. So sad. The really funny thing is my husband is actually friends with him, they met several months ago during a medical study. So I message him again about that funny coincidence, no message back. Bummed. I wish I would get a courtesy "not interested" message.
I recently met a guy I'm a 99% match with. He's smart, cute, funny, kind, caring, really poly, and is totally into me.
And I felt zero chemistry. We hung out a couple of times as friends, I really really tried to like him as more than a friend... because he is, in every aspect, perfect for me.
But it's not happening.

Hope this makes you feel a little bit better No guarantees, not even with 99% matches
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