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Originally Posted by Draconem View Post
You don't have to explain anything to them....

That is a ridiculous statement to make...When kids ask..You ignore them?
Fifteen year olds,younger even..See whats happening no matter how careful you are...You/I demand that kids boys/girls keep their pants/panties on until they reach a legal age...Yet they see parents with multiple partners...They get confused...So you do your best to explain to them that theres love binding you together...They talk to their friends and find that, that mind set isnt the norm...I know,I was one of those children..and now here I am,on the same whirlie bird...So here I am speaking to one of my partners children.."Yes Johny...I love your mom and so does Bill"...Does he understand??...Like hell he does...The only thing he sees is his mom being used like a carousel...

I didn't say when kids ask, to ignore them. What I said was to treat it like any other relationship, as in how many single parents set their kids down and explain to them that they have sex with their boyfriend?

Poly relationships do not confuse or stress children any differently then a mono relationship. If the relationship is unhealthy and abusive, then yes it will affect the child, but it is the abuse that does it, not the mono/poly aspect of the relationship

As to your claim of your childhood, I can't say what happened, but I do know that similar claims are made all the time by those who vehemently oppose polyamory and campaign for others to wrongfully discriminate against innocent poly families.

As far as the child asking questions about loving, healthy relationships, I guarantee you some bigoted anti-poly adult "innocently" questioning a young child about their parents is what leads to confusion. It's the bigot who is abusing the child, NOT the poly parents

Refusing to recognize the Truth in the matter only paves the way for a society to welcome unrecognized hatred, which is the most despicable kind

If someone strongly opposes polyamory, abusing children is not a legitimate way to campaign against it.

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