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My blog ON HERE is really just a way for "friends" I made here to access whats up with my poly world. But I don't keep it up well.
My personal blog is at wordpress. I keep up with it-but its my life. Not just poly issues.
It is open to my partners and the world. I don't actively promote it, but I don't hide it. I know my parents and siblings have accessed it at times. I have friends who are followers. Maca follows it. Gg does not.
Maca and i made a deal regarding him following it. If it bugs him-stop following it. But no bitching. It is my place to bitch (or express joy or whatever). In exchange, no bitching from me on fb or other places friends and family of his will read.
Which allows me outside perspective when i struggle, without the pressure on him from his friends reading my temper tantrums.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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