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Hey Fulloflove - thanks! Job search is a bit depressing actually... there are exactly zero vacancies in my field, in the city I'm moving back to, but heaps of jobs here. I can see how I could grow here, in the career I want. Can't see that so clearly in the other place. I'm trying not to think about it too hard.

Anyway! Making the most of where I am, while I'm here

The other day, I ending up going to work first and seeing Lobe afterwards. Wise decision in the end... Seriously, what was I thinking? Haha.

Things with him are great. We're not talking about any serious stuff re: future direction. Keepin it chilled. I feel like this could work out in so many different ways... a brief fling to kickstart an ongoing friendship, or possibly some crazy integration of this relationship into our close famiy ?!? I brought this up with Grotto, cos we've started dreaming about a big sharehouse. Could Lobe live with us? Yeah, apparently. That would be okay.

Still no clue as to what Lobe would feel about that. We're both simply enjoying getting to know each other. Last night we did cryptic crosswords. This weekend we're gonna go indoor rock climbing, maybe mess about with electronics. The sex: is. great. Nuff said.

In other news, Ocean and Menrva broke up a couple of days ago. It was a long time coming... this was only his second experience dating someone (the first was me) and relating to her was harder than he expected. Many lessons learned. One tricky aspect will be their continuing work relationship... Not only do Ocean, Menrva and her husband Bert all work together in the same department, but also Ocean and Bert are job-sharing. Luckily they do not share an office (Menrva and Bert are in one office, and Ocean is in another down the hall). That could have been very awkward. Things will still be pretty awkward as it is. Hmm. Can't be helped, I guess.

Ocean's doing okay, and it sounds like Menrva mostly is too. Wish I was there, though... Breaking up is never fun.
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