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Busy, busy, full-time work, Master's program, 2 kids and 2 lovers.

Kip came round on Monday for a visit. As we were falling asleep he started snoring. I gave him a nudge and asked him to stop, he replied, " I wasn't snoring, I was grunting because I am happy." Snuggling up and taking a nap has become important to him recently. He says his misses having someone to hold while he sleeps and enjoys the cuddling as much as the sex. He is sharing quite a few emotional things of late, not just life in general and past experiences. It is very sweet and bonding.

Prof popped round later that night to tell me about his BDSM party, apparently a lot of fun and just a general check-in before Wednesday night. I was already in bed and had a little discussion about what "on my way" means to him, about an hour, and to me, about 15 minutes. He lives 12 minutes away traffic is not an issue

He tends to stay up till 2am I am usually asleep by 10. We compromise on sleep over nights and go to sleep at around 12. We have different lifestyles, I get up at 5:30ish, he makes his own hours for part of the week so doesn't necessarily have to get up early. I feel like an old bore having this discussion. I want to stay up late and can do it once a week or maybe twice if there are a few earlier nights in between, but wow, I pay for it.

Ex is totally flaking with the kids and went AWOL again, but is oddly enough pretty reliable on Wednesday nights. So, I get one free night per week in which to be a grown-up and I want to make the most of it, not be so tired that I can hardly stay awake.

I met Yo for lunch on Tuesday, we are seeing more of each other now that we are not dating than when we were. We were discussing OKC and his FWBs . He said again that the dating scene was getting old for him and he is heading towards just wanting to date one person regularly, followed by a pointed look at me. I avoided answering, he knows I wouldn't give up Kip and Prof, I wouldn't ask him to go mono but he is kind of offering it.

I am a happy solo poly. As the relationships between Kip, Prof and I deepen, I know that I would not give them up for mono. Maybe one day???? I just can't see that day right now. I have 13+ more years of kids at home, after they leave I might foster. I like having hers & hers closets! I have lived happily on my own at various points in my life. I don't neeeeeed to be living with someone. Having multiple partners enriches my life and having multiple partners enriches theirs. It's a good place to be.
Me: mid 40s female
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