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Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
And while I have no doubt that L will be totally fine as well, it just is bothersome and frustrating as she's really hot and I can't sport an erection . . .
I find that I get stuck on playing particular roles; "real man", "contributing member of society", "trustworthy friend", "great lover", etc. I can tell when I am getting stuck on a manhood or sex related role because... you guessed it... I can't get it up. When I'm not thinking about it and I am just enjoying myself I usually don't have a problem getting an erection but the moment I get myself all concerned about it I very often fulfill that prophecy.

Instead of having the image of your hard penis "making her happy" maybe try to focus on having a good time. Sometimes my dick is hard and sometimes it isn't, my goal is to not sweat it and to enjoy her body, she can enjoy mine, and I dish out orgasms like it's going out of style. Note: on giving her orgasms, I am doing it because it is fun and I like giving her pleasure - not because it's "the best I can do... sorry"
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