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The idea of classifying loved ones by hierarchy was called "bullshit"... that's all that happened. While some find that a tad harsh, there was no insistence that a person is morally damaged for using the hierarchical terms or that they must cease and desist immediately. There was no insistence of action of any kind given nor implied by the statement. It was merely an observation that classifying loved ones by their rank is backwards and counter productive. We are discussing it and I think that hiding behind "don't judge me because that's bad" is also "bullshit". This is an INCREDIBLY civil conversation and if the word "bullshit" really causes people to lock up because they feel so deeply attacked then I don't know what to tell you

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As for judgement - in many philosophical traditions judgement is something to be avoided. In fact for many someone who is quick to judge is often a person to be avoided or discounted.
All ideas are not created equally.
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