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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I like the analogy you came up with Mono. I wonder if some peoples fear about the game aspect would be that their partner would be drawn into the game and that they may not want to go back to playing catch... the two are very different, yet similar... each has it's place and each can be fun.

I could see why fear might be a factor to someone in this. For me it is a much more defined case of simply determining if the person who plays catch wants to share that with someone who plays the game or would rather stick with others who just play catch. (I actually don't like baseball so my analogy is almost laughable LOL)

I think some people could and others couldn't. So I feel some people can be sexually compatible in that they can enjoy sex together but the knowledge of other activities in sexuality may simply make them not want to share that part of themselves with the other person. Therefore they are sexually compatible but do not have a compatible sexuality.

I think this situation would be a death nail to monogamous couplings (who are actually monogamous) but is a much more manageable situation in multi-partner open relationships where there is no expectations to have all activities met by one partner.

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