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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Greetings SweetSurrender,
Welcome to our forum.

You'll have to make your own decisions as to how to conduct your own life, and communicate those to your husband as best you can. Is this a road to divorce? I don't know. You can explain to him that he can seek out additional partners as well, but not all spouses are interested in that. Some just want to stick with the one person they married.

If that be the case, you could tell him you've decided to live polyamorously, and he can support your decision or not support it. Some mono/poly relationships do succeed, but your situation is your own.

I hope is helpful in giving you ideas of how to navigate the uncertain waters you're sailing in. Let us know of your thoughts, questions, or concerns.

I agree that you just have to be yourself in the end.

Kevin T.
I agree. At this point he is adamant that he would not want to be physical with anyone else. Previously though, he has dabbled in emotional connections with people. I think given the right environment he may be more open than he realizes.

It looks like with all the variety of people here it should be a great growth experience. Gets very lonely to be so different from those around you. Each day wanting to just scream out, "yeah, I am different, YOU have to learn to deal with me instead of it being the other way around!"
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