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Default Assuming it will strengthen your relationship

without identifying any areas where your relationship could be reinforced, might actually damage your relationship. Especially if you either of you have not fully settled into who you think you are as a mature adult

Society's mainstream view of sex in general is definitely a bit prudish to be considered healthy, however jumping into a more casual approach doesn't necessarily give you a more healthy viewpoint of it.

It is especially hard to gain a healthy "open" view when in a relationship and attempting "transition". It often takes very understanding partners with infinite patience while allowing lovers generous room to make mistakes without harboring resentment.

It's a difficult task to go through the fire -- so to speak -- and come out with a strengthened relationship.

It's helpful is to remember to understand your partner's behavior in the same fashion you understand your own behavior. Most people have no trouble understanding how they can desire sexual interactions with others and still fully love their SO

Understanding that about your partner's desires, when the roles are reversed is much harder to practice

Remember that in order for desires for others to not affect your existing relationships may mean being conscious of your actions. What actions or specific behaviors that won't harm your existing relationship will have to be distinguished from the ones that will harm it, so discussions about those details cannot be avoided if opening up is expected to strengthen and not cause harm during the curious phases

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