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Default Ummm...Hi :)

Hello Everyone. I’m here, to introduce myself.

“Duh!!! What else would you do on the introduction page!!”

Shhh you!

Never mind the voices.

I’m Jake, 36 and my wife, of 6 years, PolyPaganHer is here as well. She’s 31. We are a new poly couple that is stepping into this brand new world. How did we get here? Well, A few weeks ago we began a conversation about polyamory. It was more of a conversation about the philosophies of it. I have always known that we, as people, are meant for much more. More peace, more love, and more intellectual interactions. I really haven’t ever felt that one person is only meant for one other person. If this is the case, then we would be chemically programmed to be that way. We would fall in love with the ONE, and then nothing else, ever. If this were the case we, also wouldn’t have adultery, or falling in love with another person while in love with someone else, but we do. We do fall in love, several times over in our life. I fully believe that if there were more people loving more people, it could solve many of the worlds’ issues.

As the weeks went on, the conversation began to evolve. My wife expressed interest in dating a woman. She is Bi and shared she had been feeling incomplete. After listening to her, I understood where she was coming from. We spent a lot of time talking about the feelings we were having, surrounding an interest in perusing a poly lifestyle. We heard each other, I think, for the first time. No judgment, no hurt feelings, just raw truth. Some of the things we have shared, we never shared with each other before. I have not ever been particularly open with my feelings in my life. I’ve always felt that if I shared how I TRULY felt, I could be met with rejection, anger, fear, or any number of negative reactions. Since we started this journey I know I have grown tremendously. I have embraced how I feel, and have let go of the fear of sharing my feelings with her. I feel liberated. I know for a fact that our marriage has become better and stronger, because of the honesty. We are very interested in navigating this vast ocean. She has been on a few dates, but I have yet to begin dating, as we want to take things slowly.

During my days I work for a major Telecom as a NOC Tech. I love fixing problems of networks, and figuring out routing, and QoS and speed/duplex issues…….Oh sorry. Got a bit nerdy there. If you didn’t just fall asleep then you either could process that or blacked it out. Ok back to normal stuff. As, you can tell I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to my job.

Away from my job I enjoy being a husband and a father to my 4 wonderful children T-10 (girl), J-6(Boy), S-4 (boy) and O-3(girl). They bring me such joy. I like to do things outside, whether it be going to the park, camping at the beach (which, was a disaster this year-long story). Going to the mountains. Just being outside is fun. I do enjoy playing video games, as well. I like to watch tv in the evenings. Big Bang, CSI, HIMYM, SYTYCD, Wipe Out. You get the idea. I really love Star Trek, Star Wars and BSG. I’m a big metal head. Love Metallica, FFDP, Slip Knot, 3 Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seven Dust….I think you get it. I spent many years working restaurants and developed a love for food. Not just eating, but cooking. I love getting in the kitchen and creating dishes for others. The wife has taken that roll over in recent years, and blows me away with the wonderful food she serves us. I’m a HUGE hockey fan. I love going to Hurricanes games with my wife and friends. If I can’t be there in person, I’m watching it on TV, in my sweater, yelling at the refs on the TV. GO CANES!!!! I do love to go to concerts, restaurants, shows, anything. Just being around good people can make any time a good time.

WOW!! I really just went off. I’m not sure if I got everything or not. I guess questions are always welcome. I look forward to meeting many of you, and learning about this new journey. You should be seeing an introduction from the wifey soon. I hope all of you enjoyed what you read, and again, look forward to meeting and chatting with y’all.

I almost forgot. We are both Pagans.

Drive it like you stole it, Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no ones listening, and Love like its the last thig you will ever do.- Me
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