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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
For the purpose of considering our children-we looked into legalities a few years ago.

There are some laws on the books in Alaska-but they aren't clear.

Honestly-we decided it wasn't worth the hassle to concern ourselves at this point.
LR - that is my gut instinct on this. If we were some where else in the state, I just might be a little hesitant but with how much this town has changed in the last 19 years (seriously went from being ultra conservative to being a little hip [sort of] community) I am not going to think too much about it.

You know what's interesting is there's a nudist resort some where south of here. It's like this state is becoming liberal but still has so many conservative old farts running the government that any sort of reform to state laws will not happen until the generations after generation X get into politics or become activists.

Or it will be my oldest's generation that will make the change here. She grew up in a very liberal city, so coming here, one would think, it'd be different. In reality, the high school youth here are much more liberal. There are so many young girls that have come out as lesbian at her school, I was amazed to hear it. When I went to school, only a few of my best friends came out gay and that's only because of our community was accepting. No girls ever said they were bi or lesbian. I think our younger generations are much more accepting of different folks than even Generation X.
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