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Talking Have fun at camp!

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
We break from our regularly scheduled lament to bring you this very important announcement of something completely different!

I've been scrambling the last couple days to get everything ready for our summer road trip. I think most of it is pretty much ready...and the rest is being left in my capable wife's hands.

So off we go tomorrow, starting with the weekend at PolycampNW!

For those who haven't's a fun few days in sun and forest with all kinds of good poly folk in an all ages environment! I highly recommend it! And if you're already in the know, hopefully we'll see you there!
Hey, have fun in my home town. Yes I grew up there, married there, had two kids there even went to 5th grade camp at the meet up site. If any one there wants any info of good places to check out, just pm me. I hope everyone has fun. We'd be there but didn't find out about it until too late to get away for the weekend!
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