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When I used to have them with my wife (was a while ago) alcohol did nothing. I'll actually be going with my wife to her next therapy session (She has depression, which was major, now is very minor, but she still goes because she likes it) and we'll probably chat about it along with all the other new stuff that's been happening on the front.

I really feel my problem is poor self image about my physical appearance, like I know that I am fun and interesting, but I often don't think I am attractive to others, like my wife thinks I am attractive, and that's good, but I find it hard to fold it into the reality everywhere.

Also I should note, I'll be discussing it with L probably before our next encounter to get her familiar with my little hiccup. I generally do well with compliments towards myself, so I figure if I get her a heads up she can make sure it happens. It's a real big confidence booster for me.
Our relationship status is as such.
Glenn (30) is Married to Crystal (31)
Glenn is Dating Bee (24)
Crystal is dating J (34)
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