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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Okay- I guess I would agree. It is certainly your right to make a judgement call if that is what you feel like you need to do.
It's also everyone's right to choose whether to express oneself politely or not. The term "bullshit" is, in many English speaking cultures, a rather impolite term.

Others use it frequently in their normal discourse. It's always difficult to know exactly what someone is saying without having access to the non-verbal cues such as tone, expression etc.

Personally I try hard to assume the best when I find myself reacting to someone expressing themself in a way that I find difficult, but it's not always easy.

As for judgement - in many philosophical traditions judgement is something to be avoided. In fact for many someone who is quick to judge is often a person to be avoided or discounted.
Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.

- Tao Te Ching
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