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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

If I were to be in your situation I would marry both of them in a ceremony that we create. I don't invest much in legal issues when it comes to love. It isn't there business or the churches as far as I'm concerned.

As for family, I personally would invite as you see fit. Invite those that would appreciate the sentiment and joy that you all have. Anyone else would just bring negativity and judgment. You could of course put it out there and let them decide. Provided they come with love in their heart and not hatred.
I totally agree. I feel like if I wasnt already married having a ceremony that was special to us is how I would do things. Once we get to that stage in our relationship we will have a ceremony and it will be exactly as redpepper described except my wife and I would be giving ourselves to our sweet sweet nikki and her to us. It will be under our collective terms and we will make it our own. As far as the legal stuff there is POA (power of attorney) Trusts and wills there are so many legal things you can do to protect yourself and give your partners what they need to have legal say so for you and vice versa you just need to find a good lawyer a polly lawyer would be best
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