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Rather than trying to do a long followup I'm just going to post this short one and anything that happens before another post (or any major event) will just get edited in.

Gave Woodsmith a quick fill in (basically just a lot of tension at home and there had been fighting and arguing last night).

Before being able to have any sort of a sleep (as disturbed as it was) I sent Seven a text (admitting I was scarf to ask in person because of how pissed he was) asking more or less if he hated me now. His response was "no I don't hate you dear".

This morning I also asked if I could give him a hug or if he still needed space. He did motion for me to come over and after a few moments hug gave me a smile and stroked my hair. Then as he left let me know to expect more of the same tonight in the fighting. I'm guessing Lamian and him continued to fight over text last night and still aren't done. Also gave Woodsmith a heads up on that. Going to try and call him today on my way to work in the hopes I can reach him.
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