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Originally Posted by JonnyAce View Post
The only concern i would have , is what happens if they don't reconnect in that way? You did say that they've been going on dates, so maybe that reconnection has happened already, but you seemed to indicate that they are trying to figure that part out.
Well it seems as though they have connected in that way but since this is my wifes first "feelings" relationship she doesnt know when is when. Since Nikki has already be in a girl girl relationship she is just moving a the pace of the slowest common denominator(my wife) As far as if they don't connect then I dont know because I am in love with nikki and I dont know how I would handle that. I dont want to resent my wife for preventing us from being together yet I dont want to upset my wife by being with nikki without her.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hello Poly,

I'm left with one question bothering me.
What's the REAL connection with you and your wife ?
Just something about the fact that there were serious enough issues between you two for her to MOVE OUT tells me there's more to the story here. Something seems missing ?
Was that radical move ALL about Nicki ?
My instinct (only that) says no. But I suppose it's possible. People have been know to take all manner of radical action in a fit of anger.
But I think you have to look deep into that - not for any of us on a forum - but for yourselves.

Good luck - a happy triad can be a wonderful thing.

Well there is more to the story of her moving out. We were on a "trial separation" She wasnt sure how we could be separated if we lived together. I told her I wasnt on board.. she left anyway but it seems like it was something more to prove a point.
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