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Thank you both for the warm welcome. I have been reading so much over the past few days I am not even sure what is what anymore.

Idealist - I just meant that the last mono relationship I attempted to make my true feelings known to did not end well. Sort of funny though, I did tell the current one about my desires to have more in relationships and at first he did seem open to the concept. Over time though, his insecurities and jealousy have gotten the better of him. I am hoping that I can learn, as you mentioned, how to make it clear to him just how beneficial it can be. What is better than a happy SO.

Also, in the city I live in now, it is very hard to meet people that are like minded. Most tend to just be looking for the cheating while keeping the home fires burning, blissfully unaware. I have not been able to find many that are similar to myself.
How sweet the words of Truth, breathed from the lips of Love.

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