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Default The right of way always goes

to the person who isn't comfortable with sharing details and I believe respect must be shown to those who consider it private information and do not want anyone privy to the details. Whether or not a lover of mine had sex and whether or not it was safe sex is all I demand of my partners.

However when people are comfortable, and no there is no disrespect shown, I do like people who share and I like to share details. My problem is that when it comes to private matters and you are not put at risk not knowing, invasion of that private information is a very big deal to me and I firmly believe in regards to sex, that NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO SHAME ANOTHER WHEN IT COMES TO SEX.

If someone doesn't care whether or not the whole world could have front row seats to every sexual event, that is their decision, and they are the ones who get to make that decision. Overstepping boundaries to me is a very serious offense, peeping toms, or people who film others without their permission, or those who shame or black mail others about sexuality, are right there with the lowest opinion I could possibly have of person.

I believe there are some things that people can never be justified in doing when it comes to another's autonomy, sex is one of those things

it is also one of those things where permission and consent from fully knowledgeable adults -- when it does not affect me -- I don't have any right to tell them what is right wrong, as that is between them and the parties involved, that freedom to choose, and the mandatory respect it demands, is how I view sacred things

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