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No, totally makes sense. One of my main reasons for the thread was, like I stated, the idea of it being a 'family outing' never occurred to me because I had no plans to ACT like a couple in front of his son. So in MY mind, the thought process went: "I'm not planning on doing any kind of PDA in front of him, so there should be no reason for him to think anything other than that I'm a friend, and friends do stuff all the time, and he's already met me and all that, so what's the big fucking deal?" which with the right push in 'irrational brain' direction (something I have a REDICULOUS natural talent for when I'm in the dark about something).

Having no personal expierence as a parent definitely simplifies it in my head, so it can be hard to remember that sometimes.. it's just not that simple, and HERE, this is why.
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