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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Giggle. I go to Lowe's.
Yeah-too much time alone and my head starts to spin. The spinning creates a downward spiral of anxiety.

I need "down time" on my own. Usually a couple of hours a day. But I also need socialization with other people.
You ever find yourself moving out toward New England, I'll be your "project buddy".

Now, that all said (being all extroverty and stuff), I'm still monogamous, so it doesn't impact the number of partners I have, but I still have various groups of friends that I enjoy hanging out with. I'm thinking of taking the "Small Engine Repair" class (part of my town's continuing ed program) both for the fun of it, and to maybe network around a bit and meet some people.
Dramatis personae:
Me: Mono. Divorced, two kids (DanceGirl, 14; and PokéGirl, 11), two cats, one house, many projects.
Chops: My partner. Poly. In relationships with me, Xena, and Noa.
Xena: Poly. In relationships with Chops and Noa, and dating others.
Noa: Married, Poly. In relationships with Chops and Xena (individually).

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