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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am so glad I live alone, have no kids, and keep my relationships separate. It's so much simpler this way!
Yes ma'am! I agree. I love reading about your life because (that aspect) does sound much easier.

I have told the guys that when the kids are grown, I want my own place. We are actually serious about buying a large tract of land (like 20 acres or more) and building multiple houses on it. Preferably tree'd land, so there is good amounts of space and trees and privacy between all of them. At this point, we're thinking starting with 5 or 6 small homes and on the property, centrally located an.. like an activity center sort of home. No bedrooms, but a nice big kitchen, living room, bathrooms, game room. That way, if the extended family wants to socialize in larger groups-we can (because we do all enjoy that SOMETIMES) but we would each have our own private dwelling for doing our own thing.
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