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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
If a person is an extrovert is it really such a stretch to imagine that s/he does not particularly like being alone? Being alone does not fulfill an extrovert's needs.
I am an extrovert, and after I moved into my new house, I glommed onto P like a barnacle. I hadn't -ever- lived alone (parents -> roommates in college -> living with BF -> married -> divorced -> GAH!). I had to figure out how to cope with not only figuring out who I was, outside of my marriage, but had to cope with the ants-in-the-pants I feel when I'm alone for too long.

While I can go home after a day at work and just decompress and putter around the house, an entire day by myself is too much. I have been known to go to Home Depot just to be around people, and when I'm like that, I end up being that weird person in the store who just happens to strike up a conversation with you when you're minding your own business. Sorry about that.

So yes, it does impact my relationships (including friends in that pool as well) in that I need *some* type of daily interaction to thrive. Isolation truly would be torture to me.
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