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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

I write the way I talk and caps are emphasis. Also, bold and italics and underline and color all require more key strokes and a total change in location of my hands. Whereas caps do not.
I really can't imagine typing a whole thing in caps unless I had caplocks on and was too lazy to turn it off? It would be a pain in the arse to hold the shift key that long.
Yep, I also use caps to emphasize, not shout. I think I'm too old to see all caps as shouting unless it's a whole sentence. I learned to type on a typewriter and there was no such thing as bold and underlining required backspacing or re-aligning the paper after the paragraph was finished. LR [ctrl] B before typing will turn on the bold, [crtl] u = underline, [ctrl] i = Italics, etc. gotta love old school word processing commands .

I took a class once and it's a proven fact, that all caps is harder to read than lowercase or a mix of upper/lower case.
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