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Default Aspects of Poly

how many different aspects of relationships are there ?

some people are fine with zero partners, some NEED lots (i'm guessing 'poly-saturated is something they will never experience)

# of partners ... 0+
closeness (casual to life-commitment)
closeness 2 (meeting occasionally/infrequently, need to see each person daily or more)
closeness 3 (sexual only to deep emotional connections)

i asked a question a few days ago inquiring about wiring/genetics concerning serial-monogamy (not that it was a bad thing that was overshadowed by other rather more important considerations - which raised some important considerations), ...

tends to have me thinking some people NEED to be in a relationship, having no one in their life becomes very detrimental to their needs.

while i don't think the people that desperately go from one relationship to another one are doing this with any concern for their own mental health due to poor coping skills and insecurities, i'm not going to rule against it that they've got poor born/inherent/natural coping skills for handling life on their own, combined with life experiences growing up and maturing, and relating to upbringing by parents till everything is against them and they are unable to be alone for any length of time.

what other aspects can there be to the makeup of a persons drives for relationships ?

-fetish desires
-the desperate need to have someone in their life (even if they don't give themselves time to get their lives together after a relationship ended)
-waiting for the right person, (even if it takes many years)
-different roles (financial responsibilities, who's in charge (dominance)
-... other things.

curious what other things there could be as factors, either inherent (wired) or purely psychological, or if it's all choice, or upbringing, ...

what other aspects are there that are recognized ?
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