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Hey RP,

Your explanation of the interactions with your son and the 'guys' is a great example of how wonderful things can blossom for everyone involved - especially your son. Thank you !

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
.......As in many poly relationships, time is a big issue and I am spread thin between all of them. So far we have done well. The first thing to go is quite often my time to myself.
I really hope the guys take notice of this quote and think about it. That 'me' time is SO critical to people's well being and like you said - it's easy to get spread too thin. When that happens, all the interactions start to become more of a burden than a pleasure and tension & resentment start to bubble under the surface. It sneaks up on you sometimes unnoticed so it's good for everyone to help try to keep that in the sights.

Hang in there

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