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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
So far - it seems to me - that the term polyamory is still somewhat untarnished. It would be really interesting to have a better feel though for truly what the general public's reaction is.
I've always been afraid of the easy connection to 'polygamy' which is seriously tarnished and I think that if 'polyamory' has survived this far without a lot of damage, it's simply because the two root terms are quite blatantly self explanatory.
I would disagree with this. I think the reason polyamory has survived this long is because people just haven't become aware of the term. That can be evidenced with the fact that a lot of people will jump to the term polygamy when talking about any multi-person relationship.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Someone in another thread (maybe Religion-I forget who) was mentioning something about how poly folk may now be in the gunsights of the religious/conservative extremists.
For just these reasons I've always been an advocate of flying below the radar for as long as possible until sufficient momentum has built up to become almost unassailable.
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "flying below the radar" but I'll have a gander at one thing about such thinking that I think isn't useful. Many of the reasons why the progressive movements have been struggling here in the US are because most of these conversations are controlled by the fundamentalist religious right. When people start making decisions about how to exist based on how NOT to stay in the crosshairs of the fundamentalists, they have implicitly allowed the fundamentalists to define what is "right" and "normal". I'd rather not hand such control over to them and I would rather directly engage such attacks in order to show their uselessness. I think the GBLT movement suffered from flying under the radar too much and have noticed that progress has only been made with direct engagement. And public consciousness is shifting from such things.

I think that's a great deal of the reason why healthcare has failed here and why despite the fact that more than half of this country is liberal, the conservatives still manage to define far too much of what the US is.
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