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On the other hand... maybe I should just sit back and let things keep going as they are and not try to analyze it for now? I really don't know. Maybe he genuinely doesn't know how he feels or what he wants yet. I mean, we've only been seeing each other for about two months, and we obviously click very well. That would kind of fit in with what his Domme friend said... maybe he's interested in more but just worried? I really don't know if I should try to pin it down and talk to him about things or just wait and enjoy how things have been going.

This is the kind of thing I don't have experience with anymore. I've been married for so long that I'm used to just talking about everything. Maybe this is the kind of thing that you ruin by forcing it if it's not ready? I really don't know.

Guess I haven't quite squelched my dreams yet...
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