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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I read caps in a situation like this (where they are clearly being used as emphasis) as being in a "strident" tone as opposed to being SHOUTED. (Perhaps because nobody ever shouts at me in real life? Or I would leave the room.) Perhaps you could try reading them out loud and find a tone that says "I really, really want to emphasize this phrase" rather than "I am yelling at you and beating you into submission with the decibel-level"?


I write the way I talk and caps are emphasis. Also, bold and italics and underline and color all require more key strokes and a total change in location of my hands. Whereas caps do not.
I really can't imagine typing a whole thing in caps unless I had caplocks on and was too lazy to turn it off? It would be a pain in the arse to hold the shift key that long.

But-certain words are key words. Like pronouncing names-there are some words that have multiple possible sounds if the emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Likewise-sentences can have different meaning if the emphasis is on one word versus another word.
I use caps to emphasis words in those scenarios.

I did attempt to post one post for London's benefit-using all sorts of other emphasis means (color, underline, bold etc) on the other thread.

But at any rate... carry on carry on... cause it doesn't really matter (I also use ellipses for longer pauses than a period or comma & parentheses for a thought I had that isn't directly pertinent to what was written in the paragraph but when through my mind at whatever point in the writing that I place the parenthesized phrase).
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