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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
If all of your relationships are just as important to you as the others and there is no inherent hierarchical ranking to them - why use hierarchical rankings for them?.
I do not have an aversion to labels and I do not consider them as cruel as long as the people I am labeling do not object to them. I use the labels of secondary and primary simply because I chose to use these labels. I like the labels. They work for me.

To me- calling it bullshit was judgmental and offensive. We all have our opinions here and when I post I try not to judge. I try to state my opinions without judging. Marcus- you know I love reading your posts and I respect your opinion. However I hold the position that if me and my partners choose to classify and label ourselves as primary and secondary then that is perfectly okay and there is no need for anyone to find that offensive. I'm not labeling any of you. This is between me and my partners and it works for us.
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