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Hi GK,

I had run across your article & posted a comment even before I knew it was someone from the forum that penned it

It was nicely done especially in light of the one posted a few weeks before yours and I'm grateful you got it out there even if you're being raked over the coals in some of the comments; people need it in their faces so exposure can lead to discussion, hopefully eventually to understanding if not acceptance.

As one in a similar situation to you; keep doing what you feel best for your children. My kids, & the (his & her) metamour's kids are all teens so we've had actual convo's about the new lifestyle. Our family's always been open & honest; when dad got laid off and money was tight, we told them. When my brother & his wife were going through tough times; we told them.... when I fell in love with someone else (after DH & I worked things through) we told them.

We've promised not to act in any way that would 'embarrass' them at their school & activity events (hubs, meta's & I all attend various matches, performances) and that they can tell or not their friends what they like. Many of their friends hang around the house a bunch where they're likely to hear us talking about our overnights &/or scheduling w/ SOs or see us be (PDA approved) affectionate with our SOs on their sleepover (sex over) nights so we suggested, if asked, they may just want to say; "My parents have an open marriage". At the matches & performances the other parents just assume we've brought friends, neighbors, "family" (can you say 'uncle') along so they never even suspect anything 'untoward', lol.

I've lost some best friends of 10 years over this 'lifestyle'. And two of my brothers are still pissed at me over all this. So often the cry is over the 'children'; we're corrupting or neglecting or damaging our children! Pul-Leez!! The kids are great! They want to have stability, a foundation; know they're loved. They really don't care what package it shows up in.
My husband & I are super proud that we're demonstrating another option rather than the conventional: supposed to get divorced before you 'add' more people (ie 'step''s): it's because we still love each other, heaven forbid!

Kids tend to be much less judgmental & curious or much often: "whatever". Your young'uns will love having someone(s) else in their life that loves them, that they can count on and as long as you keep open to their questions as they come up; You're Golden!

Good Luck, hang in there, be strong and be proud you're showing your children another way to share love.
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