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You forgot to mention the love affair that you are having with my cats... see, not so mono! The two cats curled up with us and one put his paw on my nose... tee hee, such loves.

We are going through some strange times lately and I am pushing you beyond measure. You are an amazing man Mono for being able to take what I dish out as just being nothing... to you it is sometimes huge... I forget that you have come a long way in understanding me and my life choices. I have to remember that I need to respect that we are very different and sometimes need to be more tactful (hey, I'm a Sagittarius... we are not the best at tact).

We are okay you and I... it will be okay, because we have moments of clear and consuming love for one another. Something that is rare and wonderful. We work everyday to keep that healthy. That is all we can do... all of us together.
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