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Originally Posted by Draconem View Post
You don't have to explain anything to them....

That is a ridiculous statement to make...When kids ask..You ignore them?
Fifteen year olds,younger even..See whats happening no matter how careful you are...You/I demand that kids boys/girls keep their pants/panties on until they reach a legal age...Yet they see parents with multiple partners...They get confused...So you do your best to explain to them that theres love binding you together...They talk to their friends and find that, that mind set isnt the norm...I know,I was one of those children..and now here I am,on the same whirlie bird...So here I am speaking to one of my partners children.."Yes Johny...I love your mom and so does Bill"...Does he understand??...Like hell he does...The only thing he sees is his mom being used like a carousel...
So what are you saying? i, you, your partner, shouldnt be poly because we have kids? right now, mine are little and they know we have a really close friend of the family, thats it. Will they find out someday that i have sex with him? well that physical aspects isnt really any of their business, they dont even need to know if i have sex or not with their father, or if he ties me up and tickels me with feathers. I had NO IDEA what my parents sex life was growing up, as far as I wanted to know they did it twice. birhted my sister, birthed me.

Also it is rather distatseful to call your partner a carousel...if either of my guys wrote that about me there would be some hell to pay
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