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Dirtclustit & Marcus, ... that brings back memories i've forgotten.

yes to say it's wiring, or to say it's a choice, i think both tend to be wrong.

einstein had the potential to be smarter, (wiring), but this was not a guarantee that he would achieve the intellectual fame he gained. that was gotten through applying himself (choice)

on the other end (fictional or not), there is forest gump, which no amount of application would have ever gotten him to a point to ever compare to einstein.

i've spoken with a lady who married a man because it was the right thing to do for how she was raised, ... after years of marriage she mentioned she was in tears and could not continue, not because she didn't love and care about him, but could no longer ignore she was attracted to women and not men.


yes, it's not right to say "wired" and leave it at that as an absolute, but can't leave it at "choice" as an absolute.

while reminded just here, ... like someone having that inborn preference, things are most comfortable with X, doesn't mean you have to pick X, or that you can't learn to be comfortable with Y, ... but it's easiest and most comfortable with X.
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