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We don't live together but for what it's worth we are starting the process of buying a house that Mono would have an apartment in. Although he is here all the time and has taken care of a great many things that need fixing as well as light house hold chores, and looking after the boy, we really want to make sure that he and I have our own space together... we cherish that and Nerdist cherishes his space when I am gone...

As for finances... Mono would pay the rent as any tenant would and our households would be divided that way too. I am predicting that not much will change in terms of our dynamic, only that I will be closer to home in case of emergencies and so that time together will be spent together, not traveling.

My on going concern is how much our boy spends time with me. He loves his Mono... I wish I could tell you the nick name he has given him, but it would give his identity away and so I will resist. They play all kinds of boy games together as he does with his dad. Sometimes all of them together. I think he has HUGELY benefited from Mono being in his life as I think our boy has in Mono's life.

As in many poly relationships, time is a big issue and I am spread thin between all of them. So far we have done well. The first thing to go is quite often my time to myself.
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