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Since I vented my frustrations over topics that have been arising in a few groups I'm in lately-I probably better post an update.

No drama on the home front. Actually-it's been long enough that the "waiting for the other shoe two drop" sensation has finally passed too. That's awesome. Just chilling (in terms of relationships). Definitely not chilling in terms of busy-ness!

Between grandchildren visiting, road trips with the 13 year old for school stuff, visits to Kodiak to see Maca, home improvement work, a HUGE garden project, school planning (SO STOKED I got to help re-design the statistics for psychology course!) etc-
I've been running and running and running!

I bought a new motorcycle 3 weeks ago. In a week it will be home. So this week I've been studying up so I can go take my permit test (I had it once before but we sold the bike we had before I got to take my drivers test and then the permit expired).
I am SO looking forward to taking my drivers test so I am FREE on the bike.
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