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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
Actually, I'm on LR's side. It doesn't sound possessive, just like she's frustrated. And doing the integrated thing, versus segregated, well, there can be a lot more at stake. Especially as the potentials start becoming involved with the kids. You can't just cut off the relationship the same way as dating on the side.
OH! Yes-that is a huge one. I don't cut off ties my kids make. So for example, this summer, we had my ex's, new wife's children (who are 18 and 19) staying at our home so they could be here to visit my oldest daughter (who lives on her own-but didn't have a spare room).
Just yesterday I was standing in walmart talking with a different ex of mine (who I lived with for 3 years when I was 19-22) about the grandkids. He's still very much a part of my oldest daughters life. He, myself and Maca were the only people invited to her wedding!

We don't do the "oh we broke up so now you can't talk to them" thing with the kids. It's just... well it's cruel.
But it does mean being more careful about who we expose them to. Because they DO get attached.

That's why I say that when people are brought into MY life-they are there for life. Our relationship status might change a billion times-but we don't "end".
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