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Default when discussing these issues

such issues as whether or not "orientation" is a choice, it is important to remember that it doesn't matter.

I say that because usually the only reason that people attempt to discern whether or not things are a choice, is to continue to justify wrongful discrimination against innocent persons.

To be of the belief that it is a choice, and making it a point to convince people that it is a choice, most of these cases where the person who chooses to believe that homosexuality is a choice and uses that as a platform to base an assertion, is attempting to use their chosen belief in order to allow some of the greatest injustices that can be brought upon humans by others humans.

So unless the discussion is taking place in a land that is governed by a responsible government, who is committed to liberty, freedom, and justice for ALL citizens, which sadly does not even describe the United States, until our lawmakers write laws to reflect a better understanding of what Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for ALL Truthfully means, orientation not being a choice is the only responsible view a person can believe

If you believe it is choice, it is your responsibility to be an advocate for those who are victims of ignorant government, and those who allow such an ignorance to prevail. To exercise rights and freedoms that are wrongfully withheld from any citizen, is to not deserve the life you live

which creates the worst kind of debt one could ever become a debtor to

It is my belief it much better to remain debt free when it comes to living a responsible life, and make sure you understand the responsibilities that cannot be separated from each and every freedom you have the liberty to exercise, as it is a choice to exercise them, but once you do, the responsibility that goes along with it, is not a choice. To not live up to that responsibility creates the debt I described as the worst kind to accumulate

which is the debt of living a free life, while ignoring the cost at the time you are living it

There is no comparison between debts of money and debts of life

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