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I missed the original context of this, LR, but you are coming across as sounding crazy-jealous of any women who want to date Maca.

It sounds like you are viewing them as interlopers into your circle/family who must obey some agreements that they don't even know yet, or else suffer your wrath.

I can understand not wanting someone to smoke in your home or around your kids. But if a friend or random stranger/guest lit up a cigarette in your house, would you "look at HER and inform her that 'We don't smoke in this house!'" which sounds really rude and harsh? Or, would you act like a normal person and politely ask the friend/guest not to smoke?

What I mean is, it sounds like you are holding potential metamours to higher standards than you would any other acquaintance. It sounds like you are judging them rather harshly and cracking down with instant rudeness for no clear reason. Are you horrified if ANY mother wants to arrange a playdate with your kid, or only if they are also interested in Maca?

I know you've been burned by metamours before and that Maca has made poor dating choices, but honestly I don't understand the point of your rant.
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